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Name:James Root


*James plsys guitar for the band
*James was the last to join slipknot
*At 6'6,"jim" towers over his 6'2 guitarist counterpart
Mick,who is beleived to be the ttllest
*His real hair color is brown
*He is more oftenly called jim
*Previous to slipknot,James was in the band
Dead Front and Atimic Opera

Mask:Actually,more than on one mask,James was forced into
wearing a stiffing bondage hood when he joined the group to
tame him.This same exact type of hood was worn by the member he replaced,Josh.However when slipknot played,sweat would be trapped inside the mask so he a jester-like mask to reflect on his jester-like personality.It has a zipper for a mouth and a spike for a chin.It is smelly and disgusting,and he claims that everyone get pissed at him
because the mask stinka up the whole house

Jackson JD-R Pro Dinky Reverse
Mesaa Boogie Head
2 Carvan 4x12 cabs