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Name:Chris Fehn

Number: 3

*chris is the co-drummer and first percussionist
*chris has a habit of "jacking" off his nose.He can be seen doing it in interveiw,spit it out video,and on Conan O'Brien
*He is the comedic member of the band
*He can be heard puking in the Bonus track of slipknot
*Rolling stone describes him as the most "handsome,wholesome" member of the band
*Many speculations prove that previous "member" cuddles was indeed chris in disguise

Mask:Chris wears a pinnochio-like mask with a 71/2 inch nose and a zipper for a mouht."It hurts.And that goes along with the aggression we create.

Drum are made from titianium(space shuttle and I believe shawn made them(he was formally a welder)
2 Mounted tomes
1 Floor tom
1 Bass drum turned on it side
1 Empty steel beer keg