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Name:shawn Crahan


*He is the second percussionist,along with chris.
*He was a welder befor joining the group,and he welded his own drums.
*He has a wife,Chantal,and 3 kids
*He is the co-founder of the group,along with paul
*He has a drumkit made of titanium
*He dose most of the interviews
*He runs slipknot2.com
*He has a habit of banging his head against walls
*He has fractured knuckles,split a collarbone,suffered slipped verebrase,bruised his pelvis bon,dislocated a shoulder,gotten a concussion,partially severed a finger,and smashed his head often enough to require 22 stitches during performances
*Sometimes he goes on AIM and chats with fans
*From what I hear,he is by for the craziest member of slipknot
*It is confirmed that shawn will swtch mask for the next album,and it will definitaly be a clown mask
*He name his mask "Dude"
*He is 31 yrs old,the oldest of slipknot

Mask:Shawn found the mask one day on the clearence counter of a store,so he bought it.Shawn was the first in the group to wear a mask.He wore it to practice one day and the group thought it was tight,so they all started wearing them to rehearal.Shawn was actually the first member of the band to wear coveralls.Befor they all wore identical outfits,Shawn wore white coveralls with paint splattered on them.

drums arre made from titianium(space shutte Material)
2 mounted toms
1 floor tom
1 bass drum turned on it's side
1 empty steel beer keg